Reflective essay writing is well spread task in schools and colleges all over the world

An article is about how to prepare and write reflective essay using all tactical-literary techniques.

Reflective essay always has the goal of convincing the reader (listener) of something, changing or fixing his opinion on a particular issue (if the author’s and reader’s opinions coincide.

Therefore, the basis of reasoning is one main idea, which core is clearly formulated, understandable and justified from different positions.

Writing reflective essays on a free topic

Step one. Formulate thought you want to prove clearly.

You can check the success of this step in the following way. Read the wording to several people: if they do not have questions about your position (objections on the substance of the matter – do not count), then the wording is good. Now we can proceed to writing essay.

What a reflective essay consists of?

It consists of 3 parts:

thesis (that idea, judgment, position that you formulated and which you will prove);

arguments (each of them should serve as a visual, accomplished, and therefore convincing proof of your thoughts);

conclusion (it repeats the thesis, but brings it to a new level with broad generalizations, forecasts, recommendations, etc.).

An optional but desirable part of the reflective assay is a short introduction, the task of which is to engage the reader in a dialogue, to identify the essence and urgency of the problem.

Example. The theme of reflective assay is “First Love …”. It is possible to talk about the first love endlessly (as well as about other questions), therefore immediately we take the first step – we formulate the thesis.

With the thesis “The first love is the most important stage in a person’s life that will affect all future relationships and the personality itself”, the introduction can be: “For teenagers, it becomes the meaning of life, and for adults it causes an indulgent smile. However, in vain parents and acquaintances grin: according to psychologists, first love hides the source of our “adult” happiness and misfortune.”

Main part: arguments, content of arguments

Argumentation in reflective essay should occupy not less than 2/3 of the total volume. The optimal number of arguments for a small (school or examination) essay is three.

The best arguments are widely known historical facts (or not very well known, but which can be easily found in authoritative sources – encyclopedias, reference books, scientific works, etc.). Good evidence will be statistical data, the events under discussion. In school essays, the best argument is a literary work, but not all, but that episode, the story line, the hero’s story that confirm your idea.

To pick up the arguments correctly, mentally each time, pronounce your thesis and ask the question “Why?”

Example. Let’s take another thesis related to the theme “First love” – ​​”To love means to become better”. Why?

Seeking to please another person, we are improving. Argument from literature. Loris, wishing to unravel the soul of Onegin, spends his days in his library reading books, eagerly peering at the notes left by Mark, and reflecting on what she has read. She not only understands, at last, with what person fate brought the two of them together, but she also grows spiritually and intellectually.

Argument can be some personal experience, but remember that such evidence is least convincing and it is well represented in the form of an extension to the main facts, known and authoritative.

Step two. Choose the arguments that support your idea, and arrange them in the following order: “very convincing – convincing enough – the most convincing”.

Conclusion about writing reflective essay

Conclusion deepens the thesis, contains advice, rules, and offers forecasts even if they are not explicit.

Example. The first love, no matter what age it may be, can make a man a tough, ruthless cynic, and an incorrigible romantic, and a realist who does not exclude any opportunities for himself.

The first one will be deeply unhappy: he will not be able to love, which means that he will remain alone. The second one from the absolute optimistic idea of “love forever” often turns to the same pessimism of “no love”. However, only the third one is able to find harmony. To make the number of these people bigger, adults, relatives, friends should be careful and serious about the feelings of teenagers and children.

Coursework writing servise.

The first thing that a paper writer has to face in a higher education institution is abstracts. An abstract is the simplest kind of work. In the abstracts they want to see only a brief and sufficiently superficial disclosure of a topic; and sometimes it is not even required to specify the sources of such disclosure. To write an essay, you do not need to invent anything. It is enough to pick up two or three not-so-famous books on the topic and roughly write off them. No one will carp at your essay and check the accuracy of the quotes. A completely written-off article about the “Lay of Igor’s Host” was credited to the student as an essay in the Faculty of Journalism of the Moscow State University! If you write your essay with some very clever scientific book, no one will believe that this text was written by you.

The abstracts are followed by works for which you, at a minimum, are presented with an evaluation in a student’s record-book. These works should be approached more closely. The simplest such work is the coursework. It requires the performer at least minimal independence. You can write off a course one almost like an abstract or a report. However, the editing level changes here. Now all the text should be subject to one, even if very simple, thought. When you write a course, you should in any case at least superficially navigate the topic. Courses are written on the second, third and fourth courses. At the same time, they differ somewhat in the level of the requirements imposed on them. The older the course, the more weighty, in theory, should be the creative side of student work.

Diploma is the most important work in the life of any student. To write off the thesis work should be as carefully as possible. Sometimes the diploma is much higher than most dissertations. The student is given a year to write a thesis. However, this time is not fully used at all. On the contrary, diplomas are often written in the last weeks before the defense. All graduation papers are protected. On defense, as well as on any other exam, one should not accept criticism. It is necessary to conduct active defense. It is important at the same time to have the support of a supervisor. Or at least not have it as an enemy.

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The word “review” of Latin origin. “Translation” means “viewing, reporting, evaluating, reviewing something.” It can be said that a review is a genre based on a review (primarily critical) about the production of fiction, art, science, journalism, etc. In whatever form such feedback is given, its essence is to express the reviewer’s attitude to the studied product. The difference of the review from other newspaper genres is primarily that the subject of the review is not the immediate facts of reality on which essays, correspondence, sketches, reports, etc. are based, and information phenomena – books, pamphlets, plays, movies, television programs .

The review, as a rule, considers one or two works and gives them an appropriate assessment, without setting themselves other, more complex tasks.

The question of what to review is of primary importance for the paper writer. It is clear that the reviewer is simply unable to capture all the phenomena of cultural or scientific life with his attention, and this is impossible because of the limited possibilities of the media. Therefore, as a rule, the most outstanding performances, books, films, including “scandalous” works are criticized, that is, they hurt the audience. The review, of course, must pursue some practical goal – to tell the audience what is really deserves her attention, and that her attention is unworthy, to help her better understand the issues of the sphere to which the peer-reviewed work relates.

The review should be clear in content and form, accessible to the category of readers, listeners, viewers to whom it is addressed. To do this, the referee must deeply study the peer-reviewed work, taking into account those principles and rules that guided the writer, scientist or artist, to be able to use the methods of analysis and be fluent in the language of the peer-reviewed work. But the main task of the reviewer is to see in the reviewed work what is imperceptible to the uninitiated. And this is difficult to do without having special knowledge in a certain field of activity (literature, theatrical life, art, etc.). This knowledge can not replace ordinary life experience or intuition. The more a stock of special knowledge the author has, the more he has the chance to prepare a truly professional review.

The basis of the review is analysis, so it is necessary that it be comprehensive, objective. The author must be able to notice in the analyzed work something new that can become a “center” around which his thoughts and judgments will “rotate”. Very often reviewers focus their attention on retelling the plot lines of the work, characterizing the actions of the characters. This should not be an end in itself. Only if this paraphrase is organically interwoven into the analysis can, it becomes justified. Particularly unsuccessful such a way of reviewing will be when the audience is well aware of the work in question.

Common mistakes in writing an essay

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Essay writing is a crucial part of education. Writing an essay may become a challenging task for even a literate writer paper. Not only does it take a lot of effort and inspiration to get started, but it is also very important to keep an eye on grammar, spelling and punctuation.

So, check out the most frequent mistakes essay writer make over and over again in order to avoid them in your own essay:

  • Spelling mistakes occur very often in students’ essay. Students use incorrect homophones (the words that sound the same but have different meanings).
  • Subject-verb agreement. Keep in mind one simple rule: you have to a singular verb with the singular subject and a plural verb with the plural subject.
  • Absence of a comma after introductory phrases.
  • Wordiness. Do not use too many words. It makes your writing unclear and hard to understand.
  • Incorrect usage of commas with a compound subject.
  • Absence of commas around interrupters.
  • Pronoun confusion.
  • Never use double negatives.
  • Titles and names in an essay. Do not forget that titles of book chapters or articles go in quotation marks while titles of books and journals go in italics.
  • Common grammar mistakes. For example, plurals and possessives.
  • Noun-verb confusion.
  • Abbreviations. Never use full stops in abbreviations: NATO not N.A.T.O.
  • Contractions. Remember that academic writing must not contain any contractions such as can’t, don’t, won’t.
  • Using too much information which clouds the main thesis.
  • Inability to follow instructor’s specifications. Make sure you fully understand the topic. The better you understand it, the easier it will be for you to provide a well-written essay.
  • Lack of examples.  Do not forget to illustrate your points or arguments.
  • Dubious structure.  All information, arguments and facts should be presented logically in order to help your readers understand it better.
  • Using too long or too short sentences. If your sentences are too long and complicated than it is rather hard to understand your essay. On the other hand, too short sentences may not reveal your idea to the full extent. Try to find a good balance of them.
  • Not citing. Do not forget to give credit to the author every time you use information from an outside source.
  • Semi-colons. Incorrect using of semi-colons is the most common error. Semi-colons are used to connect two ideas or replace a conjunction or a full stop.

Overall, these points represent some of the most common mistakes students tend to make while writing an essay.  Obviously, it is going to take some time and practice to avoid making these mistakes in the future. However, if you keep this list in mind, writing an essay will become a piece of cake.

What is a defense of your diploma?

Defense is the main test to which a diploma is subjected. Training for the student was to protect the coursework in previous courses. To defend the thesis work, an opponent is appointed (a teacher or a graduate student who passed the candidate’s minimum in the specialty), a reviewer (graduate student). Their names you will know in advance. If you are not notified, do not be lazy and find out for yourself – it will be useful. Opponents should receive the text of the diploma for review at least a week before the defense.

On the defense, you will be asked various questions, which are often associated with a misunderstanding of the text. It is necessary to show calmness and clearly answer all possible claims. Sharp answers on their own defense are not welcome, but to conduct an active “defense” is necessary.

It is highly desirable to have a scientific leader as not an opponent, but an ally. This is determined by the nature of the previous communication with the scientific adviser.

Therefore, real communication with the leader should be optimally sufficient, then he will not be able to impose his concept on you, spoiling the relationship at the same time. Moreover, he must be absolutely sure that you need it not as a bureaucratic cover (although this too), but as a scientific authority and an experienced methodologist.

Thus, the qualification work (diploma) is a student’s own educational and research development reflecting the result of the theoretical and practical training received for individual academic disciplines. Performance of the qualification work assumes a wide use of cultural-historical and modern scientific literature, reference materials, statistical data, advanced foreign and domestic experience with a view to consolidating and further deepening the theoretical and practical knowledge obtained.

When writing a thesis, students must realize the inadequacy of knowledge of one compulsory educational material; therefore, they should familiarize themselves with a wide range of both general and specialized literature on the subject, be able to relate theory questions to practice, draw appropriate conclusions and give recommendations.

In the process of researching the problem, the students’ abilities to independently carry out search and research activities, analyze and generalize theoretical and practical material, draw reasoned conclusions, make recommendations on the topic being developed. When doing a thesis, modern research methods should be used.

Writing Help

Do you plan to get a PhD degree? Then you can not avoid writing a thesis. Such a document should contain a number of unique discoveries of the paper writer. The average work is written from 3 to 5 years. In an environment where time and experience are few, the postgraduate student faces the question of how quickly to finish a thesis

To begin with, you need to agree on and approve the exact topic of the dissertation. The theme should be such that it would be possible to finish work on the thesis relatively quickly and at a low cost.

Theses can be submitted for evaluation by a commission in the form of handwritten work, a textbook, a monograph or a scientific report. Handwritten work is printed by a performer using computer technology. The author of this work should publish an abstract. This document reflects the main scientific results of the work. The form of the abstract is approved by the corresponding GOSTs.

The scientific report is used by candidates for the degree of Doctor of Science. This kind of dissertation suggests that the author already has previously published works. The current legislation requires applicants to have at least 50 works. They should be well known among the scientific community.

Under the monograph understand the research work, designed in the form of a book. The monograph requires the compilation of a short abstract. You can submit doctoral work in defense 2 months after its release.

The defense of dissertational works, executed in the form of textbooks, most often occurs for the degree of Doctor of Sciences. To it  is necessary to apply the author’s abstract, compiled according to the form established by the state bodies. To transfer their work for the defense of a doctoral dissertation, the author is entitled not earlier than 2 months from the date of publication of the book.

Research of the selected problems can take from the performer all free time. He just needs to be able to use every minute rationally. You can not overdo it. This can lead to a sharp deterioration in health and reduced efficiency. The performer will lose valuable time, necessary for the preparation of the thesis work.

To save time, important books can be studied by listening to them in the audio recordings on the way from work or training. News on the Internet, with which many are interested, can be checked while waiting in queues or while traveling in public transport. Thanks to these simple techniques, you can significantly reduce the consumption of time and energy.

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